NPR features Briya’s legal assistance for immigrant students

Briya’s efforts to provide immigration legal services for students and their families, made possible through a grant awarded by DC mayor Muriel Bowser in March 2017, are highlighted in a story by NPR.

Through the grant, Briya is able to offer students free individual legal consultations, on-site Know Your Rights fairs, and free legal representation.

“‘Our students have been coming to us, and many of our students are really fearful of what’s happening on the national level as far as immigration policies, and so this was a way of being able to help our students know what their rights are, and to provide direct services to families,’” Christie McKay, Briya’s executive director, says in the story.

“‘If our families are feeling like it’s not safe to come out of their homes, they won’t be able to come to school,’” she said.

Read and listen to the story here.