Briya alumna’s success story is featured by New America

“Briya’s comprehensive model garners tremendous results. Both the adult education and pre-K programs regularly receive the highest rankings from the D.C. Public Charter School Board based on measures of student outcomes and program quality.”

New America recently published a piece highlighting the success of Briya alumna and early childhood teacher Pooja Adhikari. Pooja is an exemplary example of the success that Briya students can have with the support that they receive through the education and student services provided at Briya. The piece was written by Briya’s communications manager Lauren Stoltzfus and New America’s deputy director for early and elementary education policy and former Briya staff member Cara Sklar.

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El Tiempo Latino highlights Briya’s two-generation model

“Si los padres saben manejarse con el inglés aumentan las expectativas que sus hijos estén preparados en lo emocional y académico para entrar a la escuela primaria.”

El Tiempo Latino featured Briya in a story about the school’s history and our unique two-generation model, written in Spanish. The story talks about the needs that Briya meets in the Washington, D.C. immigrant community.

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