Director of Adult Education

Position Summary:

The Director of Adult Education leads the adult education team at Briya Public Charter School – a leading two-generation education program serving parents and their young children. Briya is a Tier One Public Charter School, consistently achieving the highest educational outcomes through its innovative, family-centric programming.

Briya’s adult education program serves immigrant parents of children 0-18 as well as adults pursuing careers in early childhood and healthcare. Parents in our ESL program attend classes comprised of three highly integrated areas of study: English, child development, and digital literacy, while their young children may attend Briya’s early childhood program. Briya offers a continuum of education from English literacy, high school diploma (NEDP), workforce and transitions to employment and college.

Briya has a strategic partnership with Mary’s Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center, further strengthening student families with comprehensive medical, dental, and social services.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Strategy and Vision Implementation

  • Work closely with the Chief Academic Officer to develop and execute the vision and long-term plans for the adult education team.  Spearhead outcomes-focused implementation plans for teacher and student success.
  • Direct a high-quality public charter adult program, striving for annual Tier One ranking as one of the benchmarks of success within the DC charter school environment.
  • Oversee curriculum implementation for the adult program that promotes several key features:
    • Ensure high-quality programming for learners and model a deep commitment to excellence and research-based design in daily implementation for Briya’s adult program.
    • Provide ongoing leadership for the implementation of the two-generational education model. Maintain the highest standard of excellence for family literacy programming and promote the empowering philosophy of the parent as the child’s first and most important teacher.
    • Facilitate the literacy to employment/college continuum through systems design and integration of programs and processes that provide a seamless progression from literacy to workforce. The Director will continue to build systems and processes to support this integration as well as increase departmental collaboration and cooperation to more fully prepare students for transitions to the next level.
    • Guide the next phase of curriculum development and instructional design, continuing alignment with principals of adult learning and workforce industry standards, while furthering digital integration.
    • The Director will work closely with the Chief Academic Officer, the Digital Integration Coordinator and Adult Education Coordinators to design curriculum across all Briya classrooms.
  • Work with all leadership at Briya to guide multicultural communities of practice (including Early Childhood and other Briya staff and key stakeholders, such as adult students) to examine, analyze, and take action around racial and educational equity issues in a two-generation setting.
  • Support the Chief Academic Officer, Director of Policy and Research and Executive Director as-needed with presentations, reports, and collaborative projects across the District of Columbia, the two-generation education community, and the field of ESL and integrated education and training. Assist in the development of grants and fundraising as needed.

Quality, Standards, and Outcomes

  • Responsible for positive learner outcomes across Briya’s adult program and for ensuring that the school uses tools and systems that will continue to promote high outcomes and positive teacher-student interactions. Ensure access to other supplemental tools relevant to sustaining high-quality teaching and learning.
  • Operationalize key planning priorities and school goals, including the Adult Education and Schoolwide Action Plan document created during the Accreditation process and internal programs and goals for Middle States.
  • Work with the Chief Academic Officer, Director of Accountability, Director of Policy and other leadership staff to comply with reporting and data requirements for the Public Charter School Board, taking the lead in some projects such as the OSSE Grants and the Program Development Review.
  • Coordinate the work to screen and evaluate (through OSSE) adult students with learning differences.  Oversee the design and implementation of targeted interventions and support to ensure students reach their highest potential.
  • Responsible for working with the Director of Operations, Administrative Coordinators and School Nurse to ensure that health and safety standards are exceeded at every site.

Assessment Leadership and Oversight:

  • Responsible for positive adult outcomes across Briya’s adult programming and for ensuring that the school uses tools and systems that will continue to promote high learner outcomes (ESL, NEDP, CDA, and MA.) Ensure that other supplemental tools relevant to sustaining high-quality teaching and learning, including screenings and formative assessments, are as culturally responsive as possible.
  • Oversee the timely implementation of assessment for all adult students. Supervise the Assessment Coordinator and work closely with the Director of Accountability and Director of Charter School Data to ensure that all teaching staff understand and can apply the principles of ongoing assessment. Monitor the strengths and limitations of the assessment tools used as well as assessment trends and promising practices nationally to ensure that tools continue to meet the school’s needs.
  • In partnership with AE coordinators, enhance or develop more effective, teacher-friendly mechanisms for teachers to use and apply assessment results to daily teaching and learning.

Leadership and Team Management

  • Lead and manage the adult education department comprised of the following direct reports: the 4 Two-Gen ESL Coordinators, 2 Workforce Coordinators, the NEDP Coordinator, the Professional Development Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator, the Transitions Coordinator and the Digital Integration Coordinator.  Ensure Briya’s 25 adult education teachers and instructional staff across all sites have the resources, materials, and support they need to be successful each day.
  • Responsible for ongoing performance management of adult education staff as well as annual performance reviews. Engage in regular check-in meetings with all direct reports and maintain ongoing communication in support of staff’s learning plans.
  • Work with AE Professional Development Coordinator and AE supervisors to assess needs, design, implement and manage professional development and coaching for all AE staff.
  • Oversee the hiring process of the adult education program with the assistance of other leadership, seeking staff with excellent credentials and experience, strong alignment with Briya values, and a passion for the school’s mission.
  • Establish and run adult education meetings, supporting Briya’s consensus model while also establishing accountability and ownership for individual professional growth and success. It will be up to the Director’s discretion to adjust meeting content and attendance to best support department goals and objectives.
  • As a key member of the Briya leadership team, represent the needs and perspectives of the adult education program at cross-departmental and senior staff meetings, retreats, and planning sessions. Additionally, participate in school-wide strategic efforts such as maintaining accreditation and charter school status.
  • Ensure that student input and feedback, via student council, and other formal and informal avenues, is regularly guiding Briya.

Two-Generation Program Collaboration

  • In a leadership role, work collaboratively across the organization to meaningfully deliver a high-quality two-generation education experience that supports strong interactions between Briya parents and their children. In partnership with adult education leadership, oversee the design and implementation of the Child Development curriculum and its annual cycle of classes.
  • Provide guidance to the adult education team to implement the Child Development programming schedule throughout the academic year.
  • Advocate for immigrant families and build public support for the vision of quality, comprehensive, integrated services.

Data and other administrative duties – The Lead Teacher is responsible for the following data.  In collaboration with the Associate Teacher:

  • Daily, track attendance daily and communicate with students who are absent. Communicate with Briya colleagues in administration and early childhood about any students with attendance concerns.  Work with Briya team to meet class enrollment and in-seat attendance targets.
  • Weekly monitor student CASAS data to inform instruction and support individual progress.
  • Instruct students on Briya reading journals, assess students’ ability to successfully complete Briya reading journal, and maintain records of individual student Briya reading journal completion.
  • Meet individually with families three times a year for Student-Teacher Conferences to discuss the families’ goals and progress. Complete Family Follow-up Forms with all adult learners in the class.


A successful Director of Adult Education will excel in the following ways:

  • Management – Strong manager of teams, able to delegate, manage performance, and communicate clearly. Must be highly organized and able to navigate a large team and manage an intense workload with varying demands. Able to maintain a physical presence at all school locations throughout the week.
  • Teamwork – Highly collaborative and can work well in multidisciplinary team setting with a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds and experiences. Contributes to building a positive team spirit, puts success of the team above own interests, and supports colleagues’ and students’ efforts to succeed.
  • Interpersonal Skills –Exhibits excellent interpersonal skills and builds and sustains positive, productive relationships. Solves conflicts in cooperative manner; is comfortable working with people in crisis; assumes accountability for own actions; and models empathetic, solution-oriented behavior in a fast-paced, team-intensive environment.
  • Communication Skills – Has excellent written and verbal communication skills and adjusts communication style and platforms to effectively communicate with different audiences: staff, student families, policymakers, and external stakeholders.
  • Cultural Sensitivity – Has a strong commitment to diversity, with respect and sensitivity to cultural and educational differences. Understands cultural and linguistic barriers to education and has experience overcoming these for student success.
  • Flexibility – Committed to support the team as unexpected needs arise within the early childhood department. Can adjust personal schedule to participate in weekend and/or evening school events as needed. Instructors and management commit to long hours of work when necessary to meet the needs of Briya’s students.

Briya Public Charter School also values and expects the following from its employees:

  • Professionalism – Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position. Follows established policies and procedures to support the overall function of the organization.
  • Safety and Security – Observes safety and security procedures, reports potentially unsafe conditions, and uses equipment and materials properly.
  • Attendance/Punctuality – Is consistently at work and on time, adhering to a schedule pre-determined between the employee and the supervisor.
  • Dependability – Follows instruction and responds to management direction. Takes responsibility for own actions.
  • Financial Management – Contributes to the financial health of the school through dedication to student retention, support of new family recruitment, careful classroom budgeting, and cost-conscious expenditures to meet the needs of the school.


The Director of Adult Education must have the following knowledge, skills and/or abilities. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Education and/or Experience

  • Master’s degree or higher in Education or related field.
  • Minimum ten years of work experience in adult education across disciplines.
  • Demonstrated experience with workforce program and adult education programs across the continuum.  Preferred experience with CASAS.
  • Knowledge of and experience with early childhood and child development.
  • Fluency in Spanish; ability to communicate comfortably with Spanish-speaking staff and families is preferred.
  • Alignment with Briya’s philosophy, including experience working with under-resourced families and staff with varying education levels.
  • Demonstrated management experience, including building rich staff development plans and strengths-based performance management.

Reasoning Ability – Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out moderately complex, multi-step instructions and make appropriate independent decisions as necessary.

Classroom Technology – Comfort with, or ability to learn, Windows 10 OS, Smart Notebook and Smart Board, Document Camera, Lenovo Laptops, iPads, Google Apps for Education, and Wix (Website Editor). Additional educational teaching and learning applications or software may be used or added as needed.

Physical Demands – Regularly required standing, walking, and sitting, sometimes for many hours at a time; frequently required to reach with hands and arms, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, talk or hear; must be able to lift objects up to twenty-five (25) pounds. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Work Environment – Mostly in a typical office and classroom setting with quiet to moderate noise level.

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