Inclusion Teacher, Early Childhood Education

Position Summary:

The Bilingual Pre-K Teacher is part of the early childhood education team at Briya Public Charter School — a leading two-generation education program serving parents and their young children. Briya is a Tier One Public Charter School, consistently achieving the highest educational outcomes through its innovative, family-centric

Briya’s early childhood program serves children from six weeks through pre-kindergarten. In Briya’s duallanguage Pre-K classes, three to five year-olds learn through a project-based curriculum. Briya teachers draw inspiration from the pedagogical principles of the Reggio Emilia approach, as well as research about best practices for young dual language learners. Teachers engage in authentic assessment on a daily basis and work collaboratively in bilingual inclusion classrooms. While children attend the early childhood program, their parents attend classes comprised of three highly integrated areas of study: English, parenting, and digital literacy. Briya also offers workforce development programs for advanced students who wish to pursue careerready certifications.

Briya has a strategic partnership with Mary’s Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center, further strengthening student families with comprehensive medical, dental, and social services. The Early Childhood Inclusion Teacher position may include, but is not limited to, the following tasks and responsibilities:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Inclusion and Curriculum

  • Plans for and provides high push-in, pull-out and co-teaching special education services as appropriate in the pre-k classroom/s to help children meet their goals. Carries out learning experiences across developmental areas and content areas. Prepares special materials and supports concept and skill development through thoughtful, specialized instruction.
  • Consults with teaching team to review student progress, share ideas and resources, and involve families in student learning and progress towards goals on an ongoing basis.
  • Plans curricular experiences and modifications for students with IEPS, or in 2nd or 3rd tier of RTI/MTSS.
  • Works closely with Inclusion Coordinator to monitor student progress through data collection, and sharing of strategies and resources.
  • Writes individual child plans for children with special needs and includes objectives and age appropriate experiences. Plans are responsive to children’s varying needs, skills, abilities and interests. Adapts and modifies plans and instruction for diverse learning styles as well as for the unique cultural and linguistic characteristics of preschool students, using evidence-based strategies to support young dual language learners with learning challenges.
  • Enters assessment data and prepares family forms for children with individualized education plans at assigned site/s and classrooms.
  • Utilizes Briya Response to Intervention processes and strategies.
  • Helps teaching team to differentiate instruction techniques and utilize such strategies throughout the day to meet children’s needs.
  • Orients parents to the Inclusion and RTI/MTSS process in a manner that exemplifies Briya’s core values and regard for parents as children’s most important teachers.
  • Works alongside parents of children with special needs during Parent and Child Together (PACT) time to help them implement the child development topics learned in adult education class and meet the needs of their child (and siblings when applicable).

Assessment and Student Support

  • Utilizes effective data management systems to track observations of children on an ongoing basis and uses them to inform instruction and planning. Maintains a quality online portfolio for children with special needs as well as paper portfolios as necessary. Uses assessment information to guide planning and intervention.
  • Contributes strategies and learns from other team members during MTSS meetings, or on an as-need basis.
  • Works with teaching team, assessments coordinator, Inclusion coordinator, and Director to identify children who may have special needs and refer them for services in a timely manner.
  • Conduct language‐based small groups and individual instruction for Response to Intervention.
  • Deliver and model activities/lessons that help children understand concepts/content as well as develop language and cognitive skills.

Family Engagement

  • Actively engages families in children’s learning, collaborating with them to promote children’s development in all areas. Seeks ways to build and sustain connections with family members.
  • Consistently demonstrates and models high regard for children and families through respectful language and actions.
  • Summarizes information and shares with families during informal meetings and scheduled family conferences.
  • Conducts home visits for children with special needs and completes relevant documentation.
  • Creates parent-friendly child monitoring resources that include information from related services providers to share with parents of various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Contribution to a Community of Practice

  • Contributes to creating a culture of learning
  • Evaluates instructional effectiveness and modifies approaches based on feedback, reflection and assessment.
  • Actively participates in the school’s professional development opportunities and seeks out additional opportunities and resources.
  • Keeps abreast of research and identifies promising practices that enable education programs to produce quality classroom models.


Education and/or Experience

  • Master’s degree in Special Education, certification or in process of obtaining certification in EarlyChildhood Special Education.
  • Minimum of three to five years of successful teaching experience.
  • Proven ability and desire to work with young children with learning differences.
  • Experience with meeting the needs of all students in a diverse, multicultural environment.


Briya has a strategic partnership with Mary’s Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center, further strengthening student families with comprehensive medical, dental, and social services.

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