Outreach Specialist

Position Summary:

The Outreach Specialist is part of the outreach team at Briya Public Charter School — a leading two-generation and workforce education program serving adults and immigrant parents and their young children in Washington, D.C. Briya is a Tier One Public Charter School, consistently achieving the highest educational outcomes through its innovative, family-centric programming.

At Briya, adults acquire English, digital literacy, and parenting skills, with some continuing on to the school’s workforce development programs. At the same time, their young children attend Briya’s high-quality early childhood program. Briya’s workforce programs include the Medical Assistant and Child Development Associate Programs.

Briya has a strategic partnership with Mary’s Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center, further strengthening student families with comprehensive medical, dental, and social services. At three of its four campuses, Briya is co-located with Mary’s Center, and many Briya students are recruited through referrals from Mary’s Center staff.

The Outreach Specialist is key in recruiting adult and early childhood students to Briya and ensuring that the student registration process runs smoothly. The specialist will work closely with staff members in various Mary’s Center programs to maintain strong referral relationships, as well as doing outreach at local public schools, community organizations, and businesses that serve Briya’s student population.

The Outreach Specialist position may include, but is not limited to, the following tasks and responsibilities:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Outreach Responsibilities (80%)

  • Collaborate with administrative coordinators to ensure that all workforce classes meet enrollment numbers by the beginning of class and before the October count deadline as needed.
  • Assist the Communications Team in the creation and disbursement of recruitment materials annually. Ensure promotional materials are prepared and available at all sites.
  • Work with the Communications Team to create promotional web content for our website and Facebook page, as well as to develop standardized e-mail formats to be sent to partners throughout the year.
  • Maintain a presence in Mary’s Center through weekly information tables within the clinic, posting fliers throughout the clinic and attending events hosted by Mary’s Center (i.e. client baby showers and car seat program). Ensure the MC reception desks are fully stocked with flyers of all languages.  Coordinate tabling with the Briya outreach team.
  • Schedule regular meetings (ex. quarterly) with Mary’s Center Program Coordinators to discuss upcoming events Briya could be included in for doing outreach. Request calendars or e-mail updates about events as available.
  • Work with Community Schools Coordinator and Outreach and Registration Coordinator to maintain a calendar of and attend community events.
  • Build partnerships with local schools to do outreach with the parents of their students. Foster a positive relationship with the staff responsible for helping the ESL students, Parent Coordinator, and Social Services staff.
  • Attend community events such as back to school nights, school open houses, PT conference days, Principal Coffees, festivals, cultural events and other special events.
  • Distribute flyers to parents at drop-off and pick-up at DCPS in the area throughout the year; report on their success through the outreach sheet and survey form.
  • Build partnerships and positive relationships with local businesses, organizations, and churches that serve our population to do outreach with their participants.
  • Hold information sessions to provide interested individuals information about the programs.
  • Organize special events and initiatives at Briya in collaboration with the Communications Team for outreach (ex. BFF Day, Back to School, Open Houses, in-class announcements).
  • Oversee staff, volunteers and student ambassadors who are assisting with outreach for the school. Develop an orientation for new outreach team members, including new staff, students, and volunteers.
  • Maintain data about the effectiveness of outreach methods, including keeping track of outreach done by other staff, students, and volunteers. Keep a record of which events have a high rate of attendance of the Briya target population and are worth doing again. Run reports about the effectiveness of outreach.

Registration Responsibilities (20%)

  • Take calls and answer questions regarding registration and eligibility from prospective and current students as needed.
  • Input registration appointments into excel and the SIS (Student Information System).  Ensure all prospective students meet enrollment criteria including proof of DC residency.
  • Prepare rooms for registration including technology needs as needed.
  • Assist students in completing all components of the registration process as needed.
  • Provide tours to registering families and introduce them to staff as available.
  • Complete the Home Visit Residency Verification Form provided by OSSE to provide proof of residency as needed.
  • Assist in the collection and maintenance of student information required for the program.
  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings, trainings and retreats.


A successful Outreach Specialist will excel in the following ways:

  • Teamwork – Can work well in multidisciplinary team setting with a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds and experiences. Contributes to building a positive team spirit, put success of the team above own interests, and support colleagues’ and students’ efforts to succeed.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Exhibits excellent interpersonal skills and is able to build and sustain positive, productive relationships. Solves conflicts in cooperative manner; assumes accountability for own actions; and keeps emotions under control in a fast-paced, team-intensive environment.
  • Communication Skills – Has excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Cultural Sensitivity – Has a strong commitment to diversity, with respect and sensitivity to cultural and educational differences. Understands cultural and linguistic barriers to education and has experience overcoming these for student success.
  • Flexibility – Can adjust personal schedule to participate in weekend and/or evening school events as needed. Instructors commit to long hours of work when necessary to meet the needs of Briya’s students.

Briya Public Charter School also values and expects the following from its employees:

  • Professionalism – Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position. Follows established policies and procedures to support the overall function of the organization.
  • Safety and Security – Observes safety and security procedures, reports potentially unsafe conditions, and uses equipment and materials properly.
  • Attendance/Punctuality – Is consistently at work and on time, adhering to a schedule pre-determined between the employee and the supervisor.
  • Dependability – Follows instruction and responds to management direction. Takes responsibility for own actions.
  • Financial Management – Contributes to the financial health of the school through dedication to student retention, support of new family recruitment, careful classroom budgeting, and cost-conscious expenditures to meet the needs of the school.


The Outreach Specialist must have the following knowledge, skills and/or abilities.

Education and/or Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in administration, education, training, social work, human relations, or related field preferred.
  • A minimum of 1 year of work experience in education and/or management preferred.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish required.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please click here or email your resume and cover letter to tmurithi@briya.org.