Family Time

Briya’s family-centered model empowers parents to actively engage in their role as the first teachers for their children through a variety of educational activities, including Family Time, storytime, and family field trips.

During Family Time, which immediately follows parenting class, parents join their children in the early childhood classrooms to put their new child development knowledge into action. Guided by the children’s teachers, parents practice child-directed activities that they can later confidently repeat at home. During these times of mutual learning, parents are equipped to become true partners in their children’s education and learn practical skills to help their families thrive.

In addition to Family Time, Briya’s model includes weekly storytime, where parents and children read a book together and answer a reflection question that focuses on a key aspect of early literacy. Families also come together for field trips, visits to the public library, and holiday celebrations throughout the school year. Through these times of learning, laughter, and love, parents and children develop a strong bond that promotes lifelong success in the academic environment and far beyond.

Mother and son working on project together in class