Briya Public Charter School embraces an approach to learning called two-generation education. In this model, also known as family literacy, parents and young children learn at the same time because research validates that this secures long-term school success for children and economic stability for the whole family. Learn more about Briya’s two-generation program here.

Briya takes the two-generation model a step further through a strategic partnership with Mary’s Center. Through Mary’s Center, Briya offers its families access to high-quality health care and social services, further ensuring the lifelong well-being of each family at the school. Briya and Mary’s Center believe that this comprehensive approach to care — education, health care, and social services — creates a model for social change. With these three supports in place, families are able to break the cycle of poverty and achieve long-term healthy outcomes in all aspects of life. In this model, Briya provides the educational service while Mary’s Center provides health care (medical, dental, mental) and social services. Learn more about Mary’s Center.

Venn diagram of Briya's two-generation model