Briya believes that families’ outcomes are stronger when they are part of a network of care and support within their community. For that reason, Briya partners with many organizations around Washington, DC to help ensure their student families’ wide-ranging needs are met.

Mary's Center logo

Mary’s Center and Briya are strategic, long-term partners who share a philosophy of social change that links education, health care and social services to positive, long-term outcomes for families. Through their social change model, Briya and Mary’s Center have together touched tens of thousands of families with a comprehensive approach to whole family care. Briya and Mary’s Center share physical space at three locations (Adams Morgan, Petworth and Fort Totten) to promote direct access to resources for all their families. More about Mary’s Center.

Bancroft logo

The partnership between Bancroft Elementary School and Briya began in 1990, making Bancroft Briya’s main home for decades. Today, the two schools continue to share space in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of DC. Many Briya families ultimately send their children to public elementary school at Bancroft, which offers a dual-language education in English and Spanish for students in prekindergarten through grade five. In addition to facilitating an integrated school experience for many Briya families, the two schools are also part of the Community Schools initiative — details below. More about Bancroft Elementary School.

Bridges PCS color logo

Bridges Public Charter School and Briya came together at a new building in Fort Totten starting in the fall of 2016. Bridges is an inclusive prekindergarten through grade five program that serves families with a wide variety of needs and cultural backgrounds. Bridges, Mary’s Center, and Briya joined forces in order to further their vision of integrating services for entire families, infants through adults, in a model of holistic care. More about Bridges Public Charter School.

Coalition for Community Schools logo

Briya is the lead partner of the Mount Pleasant Community School Consortium, which is made up of Briya, Mary’s Center, Bancroft Elementary, and a host of community-based organizations specializing in student- or immigrant-focused engagement. Briya received a grant for this initiative from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education. By engaging with these partners, Briya exemplifies how a public school, through strategic partnerships with other community organizations, can serve as the hub of a community, linking together a network of services that builds on the strengths of a community to meet the diverse needs of families. More about community schools.