Two-Generation Program

At Briya, parents and young children learn at the same time. Adults acquire English, parenting, and digital literacy skills, some eventually continuing on to the school’s workforce development programs.

At the same time, their young children attend Briya’s high-quality early childhood program. Parents and children engage regularly during Family Time, Briya’s interactive hands-on, guided family education class.

The school believes, and research validates, that two-generation learning secures long-term school success for children and economic stability for the whole family.

Course details:

  • Adult students must live in DC and have children ages 0-18.
  • Program has registrations throughout the year.
  • To register, please complete this form or call 202-232-7777.
Parent reading with child in library

Adult Education

Parents follow an integrated curriculum designed to help their families thrive.


Adult student in literacy class reading with teacher

Classes are offered at all levels, from preliterate through high school. Briya’s teachers skillfully individualize instruction to address students’ interests, family needs, and cultural perspectives. Learn more about our English curriculum.

Digital Literacy

Adult student being interviewed and filmed

Students start with the basics of turning on a computer and progress to complex tasks like video creation. Web research and Google business skills prepare students to navigate school and professional communities with ease. Learn more about our Digital Literacy curriculum.


Mother reading book to infant in classroom

Students learn about all areas of child development and gain practical skills to support and reinforce their children’s learning at home. Curriculum covers infancy through adolescence, ensuring ongoing parent-child engagement through all of childhood. Learn more about our Parenting curriculum.

Early Childhood Education

Students’ children ages 0-5 are prepared for future success.

Infants & Toddlers

Smiling infant in classroom
Smiling infant crawling in classroom

From six weeks to two years of age, children are nurtured through routines and experiences that support social-emotional growth and cognitive development and form the basis of language acquisition. Briya’s infant and toddler staff engage parents in culturally sensitive ways and provide the whole family with a strong start in the critical early years. Learn more about our infant and toddler classes.

PreK 3s & 4s

Girl and boy read together in classroom
Toddler students sit and hug, in Briya t-shirts

Teachers address all domains of learning by engaging children in project-based learning — finding answers to questions in both English and Spanish. Children in Briya’s program consistently meet and exceed academic benchmarks, ensuring kindergarten readiness at the end of the program. Learn more about our PreK classes.

Parenting & Family Time

Parents and children learn together.

Briya’s unique program model brings parents and children together for hands-on learning time each week.

After learning child development theory during parenting class, adults see their new knowledge come to life as they engage with their children in the infant, toddler, and PreK classrooms. With early childhood teachers offering guidance as needed, parents gain confidence to extend and reinforce learning at home.

Family education is rewarding and laughter-filled, giving parents practical skills that promote lifelong success for their children.

Learn more about Family Time.

“Briya is a school that understands us as adults, parents, and students. Being a student at Briya is like being part of a family.”

Briya students and children dressed for culture day