Briya believes that parents are children’s first and most important teachers. Throughout the course of the school year, parents in the Two-Generation Program learn about a broad range of topics related to children’s social-emotional; cognitive; language and literacy; and physical development. Teachers present facts and strategies related to the topic and guide parents through activities that they can later replicate with their children.

Parenting topics include:

  • Interactive Reading: making reading come alive by using expression and asking questions about the story
  • Sharing Culture and Stories: through hearing about family stories and traditions, children gain vocabulary, bond with relatives, and learn their family’s values
  • Positive Discipline: children’s behavior communicates their needs, and parents can use strategies to teach appropriate behavior and change inappropriate behavior while also strengthening their relationship with their children
  • And many others!

Parenting coursework also focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for parents to actively participate in their child’s education, including communicating with the child’s teacher and advocating for the educational services their children require.

Lessons taught in the adult education classroom are often followed by hands-on family learning during Family Time.

Adult female student sitting in a classroom